After 25 years of marriage, my husband, my high school sweetheart, came to me and said he could no longer live as a man, and wanted to transition to a woman. I supported him and wanted to stay married to my best friend and the person I have loved for more than half my life. We are still happily married with two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and a grandbaby on the way.

It’s been a journey of many difficult moments, days and weeks. There has been incredible highs and unimaginable lows. And every single moment has been worth it to see the person I love truly be the person she is.

Our transition and I say “our” because both of us changed immensely began about five years ago. At the time I had started a blog as a place to write what I was feeling and experiencing. This was before the days Caitlyn Jenner appeared, and the word “transgender” was still a mystery to many. I felt as if I was the only wife going through what I was going through. Sadly, earlier this year my blog disappeared into the blogosphere, and I have not been able to retrieve it. I took it as a sign to start a new one so that I can continue to share my experience and hope that no other spouse or significant other feel alone on this very unique journey.